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Daniel asks…

Anyone out there actually prefer yellow gold for your engagement ring?

I’m sick and tired of this bad quality white gold they sell these days. I’m going to have my diamond re-set in yellow gold to avoid all of that plating which is so annoying!

Anyone actually prefer warmer metals?

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I personally prefer yellow gold. I like the idea that gold=50 years of marriage, since gold is the traditional color for the Golden anniversary. It could mean that it will still be on that same finger in 50 years.
It is the gold standard, LOL.
I like it because it is traditional.

I like the idea that it is malleable. And so should the person in the marriage be, you are required to do a little conforming in a marriage.

I like that it is easy to care for. And scratches are easily buffed out. A little toothpaste, or a little ammonia, and it shines.

I knew someone that had an obviously expensive platinum set, it was huge, and so were the diamonds. She said she hated it, because it did not shine anymore. She said she had tried everything, and we all gave her suggestions to help her, but she had tried them she said.

I have a white gold ring, it dates from 42 years ago, it was worn everyday for many, many, years on the hand of a nurse, then put away. A little toothpaste, and it gleams like new. Rivers suspects, but can not confirm[my browser is still down] , that the metal is different these days, than it was all those years ago.

Good luck with your resetting.

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Sandra asks…

I have a 9 caret engagement ring what options have I got for a wedding ring to avoid wear ?

I am looking at having a wedding ring made out of palladium but I am unsure if this would wear against my white gold ring. Can someone please advise.

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First of all, which genius jeweler put a 9ct diamond in white gold?

Once a diamond is over 5ct, its pretty reckless to put it in anything other than platinum, rhodium, or even titanium.. White gold isn’t as strong.. Its very bendable (not as bendable as yellow gold, but still bendable), meaning you could lose your diamond..

I suggest making them both the same metal, exactly the same metal.. Unless you want to scratch one up with the other…

Another thing i suggest, is getting the setting for your engagement ring changed to platinum. Actually, i HIGHLY suggest it.

Unless of course your diamond is flawed and cheap, in that case, it doesn’t really matter..

Just make sure the bands are the same metal to avoid wear.

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Mark asks…

How do I repair a titanium ring it’s scratched and skuffed?

Hello I bought my partner a ring at a estate sale and it’s a titanium ring with a diamond and the band is old scartched and skuffed. How do u think I should repair it? I used a nail buffer and got some scartched out and made it shiny. But any ideas?

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Or you can take out the diamond and have it re-set.
I mean, titanium is kinda crappy.

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Lisa asks…

How is the longevity of a CZ in an engagement ring setting?

Will a CZ stand the test of time?

Do I have to worry about it getting scratched, cloudy or other…?

Anyone have one that is holding up?….or not?

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With proper care a good CZ will last for a long time.

Do Not wear when doing housework or grubby stuff
Do Not expose to direct sunlight for hours on end
Do Not put on lotions or perfumes while wearing it….stuff on first, then put your ring on.
Make sure you have a good , secure setting.
Clean it properly…nothing harsh.

I refuse to wear my fine pieces when traveling longer than a day trip or an over night…so if I’m flying or vacationing for any more than a few days, I wear my cz’s….if they get lost or stolen I am not going to be too upset. One ring I have had for many years…it’s a russian cz and has fooled jewelers until they get out their loop..and then the ONLY give away is the fact it’s perfect. NO diamond is perfect.

If you can swing a stone that runs about 500 dollars per carat, check out moissanites….they are almost as hard as diamonds and the sparkle is amazing….and don;t pay any attention to the jewelry snobs.

Another alternative to consider are white sapphires. Durable stone and it has a diamond look…AND it’s a real gemstone.

Diamond And Jewelry Information

John asks…

Whats something different than a diamond for my engagement ring, and why?

I don’t need it to be expensive although my fiance’ is not afraid to spend money(he bought me a cadillac cts as engagement present).
He says he does not like the moral implications of a diamond, even with a non blood diamond proof of origin etc.

List pros and cons of a diamond.
help me find an alternative.

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The biggest pro for a diamod is it’s durability. A diamond is the most likely gem to resist scratching, chipping and general wear and tear as it is the hardest naturally occuring gemstone. They are rated by the Mohs Hardness scale and you can find more information here..


This was the simplest and most straight forward explanation of the Mohs Scale i could find quickly

If you will be wearing your ring every day for the rest of your life, exposing it to abrasives in soap/cleaning products/bumps and knocks and just everyday use you do not want to have a stone that will chip, mark and get scratched whilst you do your everyday things.

One the Scale 1 is the softest and 10 is the hardest. Gems will scratch gems in either the same scale region or any scale below but not gems in a higher scale.

Eg if you wear a diamond ring against a sapphire ring the diamond may scratch the sapphire and damage the stone but the diamond will remain unscathed.

If you are wanting an alternative to a diamond go down one in the scale and choose a sapphire or a ruby. (sapphire being more resistant than a ruby) Please note that if money is no object you can find sapphires in colours other than blue like pink or yellow or green but they are more expensive as they are rarer. This will give you similar durability without the moral implications

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