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Jenny asks…

How long does it take to make an engagement ring?

I’m looking to get an engagement ring and my girlfriend told me what style she wants. The ring that she wants has a square stone but she wants a round stone. I may be looking to purchase it from the Diamond District in NYC. I’m not sure if they make everything from scratch or if it’s already pre-made, but if they have to put all the diamonds in, how long would it take for them to make it? I was planning on proposing in about a month from now.

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Maybe you shall select one custom engagement ring. Following ticket may help you out:

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Mark asks…

What engagement ring setting is most wear-resistant?

My girlfriend is an engineer and often works with metal parts for prototypes etc.
Is there a particular setting that is better suited to protect the diamond/wear nicely?

I’d like her to have to option of wearing it all the time.

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A bezel setting is the best for this and really protects the stone from chipping and scratches. Couple that with platinum and you have a sinning combo that she could easily wear without any worry.

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Donna asks…

What are the wedding rings with a black band made of?

I’m looking for wedding ring because my fiance wants ideas and i love the rings that have a black band but i have no idea what its made of. any help?

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1. Black titanium band
* extremely strong yet light
* scratch- and corrosion-resistant
* $500 – $1200

2. Black ceramic band
* super strong ceramic
* low cost (might look cheap?)
* $100 and up

3. Black tungsten band
* naturally occurring hard metal
* only a diamond can scratch it
* $50 – $250

4. Hematite black band
* magnetic mineral
* comes in shades of dark gray, black, brown, and red
* less than $20

5. Black zirconium ring
* super durable mineral
* this mineral is found in asteroids, stars and sun? (I heard it can be grown in lab too)
* around $100

6. Wedding bands of Onyx
* crystallined form of quartz
* semi-precious gem
* $100 – $250

7. Black gold ring
* not a natural gold/a processed gold/an alloy
* might be despised as a “poor substitute” for gold — but who cares?
* not cheap though — $350 to $1000

…and to my surprise, I also found Black Diamond!

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Sharon asks…

How would you feel if your engagement rings was Cubic Zirconium?

My boyfriend and I are talking about engagement and he already has the pressure of buying the rings which is an expense in itself but I piled on the load by saying it has to be with cruelty free diamonds. He knew little about this, I explained, he agreed, now to find out they are significantly more expensive. I am fine with a CZ stone but I don’t want one of those $25 stones that will scratch and loose sparkle. I want it to be passable as a diamond. Does that make me shallow? We would upgrade to a real cruelty free diamond for 1 or 5 year anniversary but for the time being, how do I go about getting a good quality CZ?

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Dear Marley!

Shallow? Absolutely not!

It would seem that most of your questions have been answered EXCEPT where you can actually buy a good quality CZ.

Consider the following: You can find and choose a CZ stone and have it set in a ring of your choice.

Even if a CZ (even of higher quality) can wear over the years it is your intention to swap it out in a couple of years (up to 5?) and it should be just up till then!

If it should get damaged before you swap it out it is very inexpensive to just replace it, for the time being!

Regarding buying: I am a retired Gemologist (living in Sweden) and I actually have some high quality CZs lying around my “hobby shop”. You would have to let me know the size you are looking for and I could let you know what the price should be. I would only suggest ***** quality, as the *** and/or lower often have less “fire” and worse clarity. The ***** quality are VERY fiery! I do not recall the sizes I have now but I could check if you are interested. CZ has a hardness of around 8.3, so it should not scratch easily. Neither should Spinel.

I am sure I even have some VERY fine quality Synthetic Spinels around 5 or 5.5 mm in size, round. Hardness 7.5 or 8.0.

I have some black (up to 9mm) CZs, but they do not have the kind of “fire” most people want in an engagement ring.

You can search the Internet auctions but you never really know what you are getting until it arrives in the mail! Then, it is often too late.

Moissanite is a very good substitute for Diamond but it is still VERY expensive compared to CZ and Spines, etc. Most people who buy Moissanite do not swap it out unless it becomes damaged or they loose the stone. However, Moissanite is NOT a good investment as it gets cheaper every year while Diamond gets more expensive! Something to consider. It’s hardness is around 9.5 and has very nice fire. I do not have this at home.

Depending where you are (in North America?) a padded envelope from Sweden (Air Mail) usually takes no longer than 4 – 5 days (unless you are in Hawaii). I do not need a lot for postage, unless you want it registered.

Regardless of what you decide to do please to remember to tell the jeweler or other person setting your stone what it is so they know to handle it properly.

Please feel free to get in touch, if you wish.


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Steven asks…

How do I get scratches out from my sterling silver bracelet?

I have a medic alert bracelet that’s sterling silver. It cost quite a bit of money too! I’ve only had it for a month and a half and it has tons of scratches on it already. Any ideas?

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Hi Jenn,,
You “can’t” take scratches out.

Polishing metal is actually Removing the surrounding metal

Imagine slicing a potato in half,,,you get a nice,smooth,level surface,,right?

Then scrape a gouge across that surface.
Or even just a CUT–which doesn’t remove any material,,it only parts the surface.

How can you “vanish” that surface disruption?

Only way is to shave another slice,,down to the level of the imperfection.

Thats an “exagerated illustration” to help explain how Surface Defects/Damage/etc are removed from metal.

It Does NOT “thin the metal by Half”,,,but it DOES INDEED Remove Metal and will render it increasingly Thinner than Original each time it’s polished.
It’s also abrasive to any ornamental surface detail.

On Jewelry what happens is that polishing obviously doesn’t simply “shave off a layer”.

It Removes the metal AROUND the flaw,,,creating a wide,low angle DIP that blends into overall surface.

Silver is EXTREMELY soft,,,
You can actually Smudge Hi-Polished Silver with many types of common PAPER.

Scratches are almost unavoidable.

If You Get it Re-Polished,,,,
soon enough it will be scratched again.

Trying to keep it nice by Polishing will be a vicious cycle.

Best advice,,,Be VERY Careful with it,,as much as can be.
And “live with” the scratches,,as best as you can—only get it re-polished when ya just cant stand it anymore.

You can SHINE Silver Tarnish with any number of products.

But Removing scratches is a whole ‘nother matter.
You Can’t Remove a scratch,,only everything Around the scratch

Silver is good in “protected” applications,,Earrings,,pendants,pins,etc.

Rings,Charms,Bracelets,etc,, and anything subject to getting bumped or rubbed or coming into contact with another surface—-it’s almost Impossible to avoid scratches.

Something to consider:
If it’s Hi Polished,,,,there’s a variety of attractive finishes which tend to “hide” scratches so they dont show up so bad.
But they’re all a form of “Matte” finishes,,,,
For example ,diamond cut is sparkly and will obscure pretty bad scratches.

Another thing you may consider is having it Plated in White Gold or Platinum(Rhodium).
You maintain the Silver Color,,,but the other metals are Much Harder and more scratch resistant.
It’s only a FILM,,,so a hard lick would still scratch it.
But it minimizes to faint scratches quite a bit.
And it’s fairly cheap.

Even if Your bracelet happens to have any enameled work on it as MedicAlert bracelets often do,,,that can be effectively “shielded”,,and only the bare silver plated.

Good Luck

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